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IDEA3 is a collaboration method that has been proven to increase the efficiency of innovation, achieving the kind of progress and impact that is usually only found in the world’s top entrepreneurial universities such as MIT and Stanford.

Why IDEA3?

  • Identify and precisely define unmet health technology needs
  • Compress development time and develop innovation ecosystems by engaging diverse lifecycle expertise
  • Improve strategic decisions about actions and resources
  • Drive change

Ideal for…

  • Small organizations or innovation teams in large organizations
  • Engineers, clinicians, and managers involved in innovation or leading innovation teams
  • Product strategists and managers
  • Teams looking for new opportunities for innovation impact

Inventor Charles Kettering said, “A problem well stated is a problem half-solved.” IDEA3 helps medical technology innovators validate their projects by clearly identifying and defining medical needs. Often this includes a market pull—a key element that draws new technologies from ideas to implementation in patient care. Along the way, the IDEA3 method helps teams to de-risk their projects by strategically focusing on demostrated feasibility at each stage of development.

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IDEA3 workshops are highly interactive programmes designed to help innovators make better and faster decisions. IDEA3 workshops teach participants how to improve innovate efficiency, and has been tried and tested in the biomedical sectors in Madrid, Spain and Boston, Massachusetts. The innovation method is applicable to large and small organizations, and to teams within larger technology organizations.

Bring your ideas for unmet medical needs or technology opportunities for a chance to develop them in the workshop. Organizations sending teams can define their workshop focus areas.


IDEA3 Workshop brochure PDFWant to know more about IDEA3 or the workshops, and how we can help you achieve more efficient and effective innovation? Write to or download the brochure PDF

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