Businessperson and surgeon to extend program for emerging innovators

This year, IDEA2 Madrid Executive Committee co-chairs Julio Mayol (Hospital Clínico San Carlos) and Norberto Malpica (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), who launched the program in 2012, turn their duties over to Rocío Anula and Ignacio Navarro Arrate. Anula, a Surgical Resident at Hospital Clínico San Carlos intends to leverage her clinical experience to shape the program. “From my experience as a physician I would like to enhance the methodology to identify unmet medical needs, as well as worthy and unknown areas of inquiry and development,” she said. “In this new era I think it will be necessary to concentrate our efforts on the process of collaboration among experts and institutions, and especially on the diffusion [of new ideas].


Q&A with Rocío Anula, IDEA² Madrid co-chair
Q&A with Ignacio Navarro Arrate, IDEA² Madrid co-chair

Navarro Arrate, Project Manager at Seimens Healthcare, believes IDEA2 Madrid is helping the region to transform its economy. “The innovative environment which we are creating is helping us reach our dream of converting our city, in the medium term, into a world reference in the field of biomedical innovation,” he said. “We have all the necessary elements and so are convinced that we can achieve this goal.”

“Ignacio and Rocío are exceptional thinkers who understand the challenges and opportunities of biomedical technology innovation. We are excited to see how this maturing program will grow under their leadership,” said Dr Norberto Malpica, who is also an M+Visión Consortium Associate Director.

Rocío Anula
Hospital Clínico San Carlos

Rocío AnulaDr Anula currently works as a digestive surgeon in the Division of Colorectal Surgery at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos. She also collaborates as a volunteer professor of surgery at the Complutense University of Madrid. She graduated from the Complutense University Medical School, completed her residency program in general surgery at the Department of Surgery of San Carlos Clinic Hospital in Madrid, and obtained a Doctoral Degree summa cum laude from Complutense University. She has also participated as a visiting medical doctor in the Division of Colorectal Surgery at University of California San Francisco. She is a member of the Spanish Society of Surgeons, as well as a member of the Society of Surgery of the Alimentary Tract and the Spanish Society of Surgical Research. At present, besides her regular activity at the hospital focused in the management of colorectal cancer patients and inflammatory bowel disease, she is extremely interested in image-guided surgery, and collaborates with activities related to it.

Ignacio Navarro Arrate

Ignacio Navarro ArrateMr Navarro Arrate has been working for Siemens for almost 10 years as a Commercial Project Manager in the Healthcare sector. He has a degree in business management and administration from the San Pablo CEU University and a Master’s in health technology and management from the University of Alcalá in Madrid, Spain. Mr Navarro Arrate has received various awards in the field of technological innovation in healthcare, including being selected from a large number of candidates worldwide to participate in a three-month “Innovation Think Tank” organized by Siemens Healthcare Germany. For his efforts in that program, he won the “Young Innovator Award” and came second in the “Most Innovative Project of the Program”. More recently, his project, an adaptable table for radiotherapy patients called ADAPTABLE, was one of the winners of the first IDEA2 Madrid. At present, Mr Navarro Arrate is involved in the creation and development of a number of cutting-edge projects. He is often invited to speak on “Creativity, Innovation and the Attractive Presentation of Ideas” as a guest lecturer at the Postgraduate School of the University of Alcalá.