Developing the people and ideas that will drive healthcare innovation

Launched in 2011 by Comunidad de Madrid in partnership with MIT, the M+Visión Catalyst program (formerly called the M+Visión Fellowship) built a multiprofessional community leveraging the resources of two international innovation hubs. In addition, it developed IDEA3—a proven innovation method that accelerates the pace of healthcare technology R&D and heightens its potential for impact.

Catalyst Fellows identify medical needs that can be met with innovative technologies, build multiprofessional teams to design these new technologies, and launch projects that show strong potential for healthcare impact.

Catalyst program results to date
Fellows recruited internationally
projects with healthcare impact potential
collaborators from 88 research groups at 31 institutions
international competition wins and placements
invention disclosures and 15 patent applications

Growth of activity

M+Visión projects engage collaborating research groups, often expanding their research activity. Some of these groups were already involved in similar lines of work, but for many others, collaborating with an M+Visión team provided a strategic opportunity to develop new lines of work. Research groups rarely start new lines of work. When they do, it opens new avenues for growth and impact. Since 2011, 38 groups have engaged in new lines of work through M+Visión Catalyst projects.

“[M+Visión has provided] the opportunity of learning new methods for coaching students and postdoctoral fellows, evaluating research proposals, and interacting with entrepreneurial initiatives. This has defined a before and an after M+Visión on my career.”M+Visión collaborator

Benchmarking our progress

M+Visión compares favorably to MIT for IP results per unit of investment. Though IP milestones are not the only measures of innovation progress, they suggest the connection between research and its potential real-world impact. Our results show M+Visión efficiently identifies urgent healthcare needs and develops innovations with real potential for impact.