The M+Visión Advanced Fellowship in Translational Biomedical Imaging is an innovative Fellowship aimed at combining academic and market-oriented research. Ten Advanced Fellowships will be awarded.

Note: The Advanced Fellowship is for individuals who have a research proposal that they want to realize through resources and collaborators in Madrid and Boston. It is not the same as the M+Visión Fellowship in Translational Biomedical Technology. Applications for the Advanced Fellowship were due June 15, 2015.

The Advanced Fellowship aims at strengthening the career development of researchers and specialists in the area of biomedical imaging through fellowships to develop translational research projects in host organizations (such as universities, research centers, hospitals or companies—see a list of possible hosts below.) Women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for the Fellowships. Official call for applications published by Comunidad de Madrid+

  • Doctorate or at least 4 years of full-time equivalent research experience. Full-time equivalent research experience is measured from the date when a researcher obtained the degree that would formally entitle him or her to embark on a doctorate, either in the country in which the degree was obtained or in the country in which the research training is provided.
  • Experience in some aspect of biomedical imaging
  • English fluency

There are 2 types of Advanced Fellowships:

  • Outgoing fellowships for residents of Spain that have not resided in the US for more than one year in the previous three, in which fellows will perform the first year of fellowship (Academic Research) and the first year of Market Oriented Research in the U.S. hosted by institutions of MIT or Madri+d networks. Subsequently fellows will initiate the return phase completing their research project in the selected hosting institution of Madrid (12 months of Market Oriented Research). The first two years of fellowship take place in the United States and the third year in Spain.
  • Incoming fellowships for candidates that have not resided in Spain for more than one year in the previous three, in which fellows will perform both Academic Research and Market Oriented Research in hosting institutions located in the Region of Madrid. All the three years of the incoming fellowship take place in Spain.

3 outgoing and 7 incoming Fellowships will be available in 2015.


The economic support consists of:

  • Fellowship (first year): 43,000 € / year
  • Employment contract (second and third year): € 65,000 / year (Employer cost, including social security charges)
  • Research costs: 2.300 € / year
  • Travel costs: 3.300 € / year
Host Institutions

There are many institutions in Madrid available to host Advanced Fellows, including those listed here. A contact person for each site can describe the organization and its facilities. Questions about the Advanced Fellowship program should be directed to

In addition, the M+Visión network includes other university, hospital, and private research and development organizations in Madrid; lists can be found on our network page, and in the agenda of our Madrid Open House.

Application procedure

The following will be required as part of the application process:

  • cover letter outlining your interest in biomedical imaging and the Advanced Fellowship, and indicating if you want to be considered for the Outgoing or Incoming Fellowship.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Letters of recommendation from at least 3 references
  • Research proposal
  • Declaration on Ethics Issues
  • Responses to 3 essay questions

Specific instructions for these components can be found on the application site.

Other documentation required
  • Photocopy of national identity card or passport
  • Certified copy of academic transcripts
  • Documentation certifying the research experience of at least 4 years
  • Applicants outgoing: They must prove, by a certificate from the municipal register their residence in Spain for at least two years of the last three before the end date of the application deadline. For applicants who have had work activity, may replace the certificate of registry for a copy of his employment contract, which demonstrate that the development of its core business in Spain for at least two years of the last three years prior to the end date the application deadline.
  • Incoming applicants must prove their residence outside Spain by official documents equivalent to the Spanish municipal census in the country or countries concerned, for at least two years of the last three years preceding the date of end of application deadline. For applicants who have had work activity, may replace the certificate of registry for a copy of your contract of employment or other documents that can demonstrate the development of its core business outside Spain for at least two years of the last three years prior to the date of final application deadline.
  • Application form duly completed

Initially, the Advanced Fellowship lasts for 12 months and it can be prolonged with a 24-month contract, provided that there is a host organization (university, research centre, hospital or firm) based in Madrid that hires the researchers during the second and third year. Host organizations will have a co-financing of up to 57% for the expenses of hiring the researchers.

We strongly urge that you complete the application in the English site above; if you would like to see the instructions in Spanish, please click here:

Evaluation process

Once these items are uploaded onto the application site, the applications will be evaluated by a panel of experts using criteria of (a) the applicant’s research experience, (b) the environment for the research, (c) the impact and benefit for the applicant’s career, and (d) the quality of the research proposal. The flow is illustrated here:

The M+Visión Advanced Fellowship is supported by the EU COFUND under FP7. Learn more about COFUND (PDF) +

Official Call for Applications, published by Comunidad de Madrid (PDF) +

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