M+Visión programs designed to integrate the clinic, the bench, and the boardroom, are already inspiring shifts in beliefs and practices in Madrid, as well as growing the region’s human and intellectual capital.


An elite training program that develops innovation leaders, and mobilizes a broad array of collaborating organizations in Madrid, Boston, and other global innovation centers. In addition to inspiring research initiatives driven by M+Visión Fellows, the Catalyst has sparked other international collaborations and new ways of training in Madrid. Learn more about the Catalyst program +

Ideas into Action

Ideas into Action comprises a range of programs designed to grow the healthcare innovation ecosystem.

IDEA² Madrid

An international mentorship program connecting Madrid’s emerging biomedical technology innovators with the expertise and resources they need to turn their ideas into projects with the potential for healthcare improvement. Learn more about IDEA² Madrid +

Hacking Medicine

High-energy, fast-paced events that inspire young people to develop innovative solutions for unmet medical needs. Read about Hacking Medicine Madrid 2015 +

Mini-courses and workshops

Free or low-cost programs, taught by top experts in medicine, science, engineering, and entrepreneurship offered to the public.

Conferences and gatherings

Special events convening innovation leaders of today and tomorrow to share best practices and make connections. Read about our 2014 Biomedical Innovation Conference in Madrid +

Travel grants

Travel grants facilitate collaborations that have been inspired through M+Visión events or programs. These collaborations can be for research or education. We anticipate that outcomes from the travel will range from plans for joint grant submission, workshop proposals, short courses, etc. Learn more +


Incubadora de Ideas (Ideas Incubator)

The M+Visión Consortium co-sponsors Incubadora de Ideas (The Ideas Incubator), a monthly event of the Hospital Clínico Innovation Unit. The Incubator brings together health professionals, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and public leaders in a multidisciplinary dialogue to identify high-value opportunities for collaborative innovation. Each session includes four 15-minute presentations and lively conversation.
Learn more about Incubadora de Ideas+