Developing the people and ideas that will drive healthcare innovation

Catalyst projects involve Fellows and their international teams of collaborators. They focus on identifying unmet medical needs that can be addressed by new biomedical technologies. Successful Catalyst projects demonstrate a real potential for healthcare impact.

Some Catalyst projects exit as startups, and others continue with further research. In many cases, Catalyst projects develop new IP and technologies; in all cases, projects proceed at an accelerated pace and maintain a focus on healthcare impact.

Catalyst projects are shaped by the M+Visión IDEA3 Innovation Method. This unique method accelerates and heightens the potential for innovation impact by—

  • Helping teams to identify and precisely define medical needs
  • Compressing development time by engaging diverse lifecycle expertise (such as businesspeople, healthcare professionals, and public leaders as well as academic researchers)
  • Encouraging strategic decisions about actions and resources
  • Enabling project teams to become agents of change