Antonio Lopez
Advancement Director

M+Visión was founded by Comunidad de Madrid, in partnership with MIT, and it has been the Consortium’s principal supporter since. As M+Visión reaches the end of the founding grant, there is a significant opportunity to sustain and grow the initiative by expanding our membership and inviting other innovation leaders to participate. Though Madrid will remain a central pillar in the M+Visión ecosystem, M+Visión’s healthy future depends on diverse support and deep engagement with many stakeholders.

That’s why M+Visión has launched a multi-prong effort to attract participation and support from many corners—

  • Public support at regional, national and international levels through grants;
  • Partnerships with private organizations;
  • Philanthropy from foundations and visionary individuals; and
  • Fee-based programming when appropriate.

The goal of our actions is to sustain an organization that returns value to its members, its participants, and to the communities in which it operates. If you have questions or ideas, please write to me at