Dr. Martha Gray, PhD
J. W. Kieckhefer Professor of Medical and Electrical Engineering, HST, EECS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Julio Mayol, PhD, MD
Director of the Innovation Unit, and Chief of General Surgery, Hospital Clínico San Carlos Madrid 

Javier Colás
President of Medtronic Spain and Portugal, and Regional Vice President of Medtronic

M+Visión is 5!

Dear colleagues,

This October, the Madrid–MIT M+Visión Consortium turned five. Founded by Comunidad de Madrid, M+Visión was itself an innovative idea, and in joining this venture, each of our stakeholders made significant bets. Madrid bet that it could derive value from greater collaboration between its healthcare and academic research communities. We bet that young people could drive innovation, and that participants would “vote with their feet”—that is, they would choose to spend their time in M+Visión activity for mutual benefit. Our Fellows, their faculty mentors, and their collaborators all bet that a relentless focus on unmet needs would yield valuable health technology innovations.

Since 2010 we’ve together built something great, and achieved results no one would have predicted. M+Visión has launched 20 biomedical technology innovation projects, driven by 34 international Fellows and involving 130 collaborators and 50 faculty from over 30 institutions in Spain and the United States. These teams achieve innovation milestones at greater rates than reference institutions like MIT, because of our mix of expertise and our way of working together. Through these projects, our 75% of our collaborators have started new lines of work, and many are attracting additional outside funding. On top of this, 350 people are regularly involved in program design and delivery, and we reach 2500 people with our news.

And through the hard work and great ideas of these many people, we have developed a new innovation method, IDEA3, that is proven to help teams achieve better results for their R&D faster.

This progress gives us momentum for greater impact in the years ahead. Our strategy for the coming years is twofold:

Expand program offerings to enable a wider range of community participation: from early career to established leaders; individual participants and organizations; and of various intensities. You can read more about this from Norberto and Elfar on the next page

Build on the core communities established in Madrid and Boston by inviting other innovation centers to join

Our programs are designed to help collaborating organizations and institutions—

  • Get greater impact from their R&D investments;
  • Enable leaders to create sustainable system-wide change;
  • Foster groups of elite innovators; and
  • Promote a culture of need-driven innovation

—all in the context of our continuing mission to change how people think and work, to advance biomedical technology, for social and economic benefit in Spain and around the world.

So, thank you: Whether you’ve been with us from the earliest days or joined our community more recently, your energy and vision has helped us reach this important milestone. And tell your friends! As ever, M+Visión is an open community, and the potential for innovation impact grows as new talent joins.