In October 2015, the Madrid–MIT M+Visión Consortium turned five. Since 2010 we’ve together built something great, and achieved results no one would have predicted. M+Visión has launched 20 biomedical technology innovation projects, driven by 34 international Fellows and involving 130 collaborators and 50 faculty from over 30 institutions in Spain and the United States. These teams achieve innovation milestones at greater rates than reference institutions like MIT, because of our mix of expertise and our way of working together. And through the hard work and great ideas of these many people, we have developed a new innovation method, IDEA3, that is proven to help teams achieve better results for their R&D faster.

There’s more to come: As ever, M+Visión is an open community, and the potential for innovation impact grows as when you join us.

Technology innovation

M+Visión teams have launched 20 technology innovation projects with healthcare impact potential, and IDEA2 and hackathon teams number over 60 more

ecosystem innovation

M+Visión started an international innovation community that bridges academic, healthcare, business, and public organizations

Training innovation

M+Visión programs, like Catalyst and IDEA2, are helping rising innovators develop their project development and leadership skills